Alberto Braida

"It was early in the morning when I woke up: it was my birthday.
I knew that probably I would have received a gift that day and I was very excited.
On the table I found a small package and I immediately went to open it very carefully.
There was a red toy car inside and I started to play with it.
It was great and I could compete in a race with my friends that already had a toy car.

After a couple of days, I looked through the small plastic window of my car: there were the wheel, seats, gear level…a lot of details that I hadn’t noticed till then.
I started to dismantle the car to “explore” inside it and when I finished, the small pieces of my toy were on the table. Many nice and interesting things, which I couldn’t see before were now in front of me: small screws, mechanism and so on.
From then on, my favorite game had been to discover new objects that I could build using the components of my red toy car"
  [ A. B.]





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